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Virtual events for eventful times
Even before the recent challenges facing the events industry, Pico was developing ways to make events more sustainable, accountable and accessible. Finding new ways to harness cutting-edge but proven technologies to optimise our clients’ event marketing strategies. Seamlessly blending physical and virtual to reach people whenever and wherever. We defined this new approach as “Agile Events”.
Now we’ve given it a new name - Virtuosity.
A suite of innovative solutions to deliver
high-performance, virtual events with real emotion.
Pico Virtuosity provides an agile solution by drawing on three of Pico’s core competencies: tech enablement, brand engagement - and our deep understanding of experience design. Whatever you need, Virtuosity has end-to-end solutions for virtual events. From simple branded online spaces to rich immersive environments, you can create a secure virtual event to match your business objectives. Start planning yours now...
Looking for the best in virtual event solution?
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