Project brief

The elegant arcing form of Lexus booth at Shanghai Auto Show 2017 was more than eye-catching; it was also designed, built and managed by the Pico team to immerse visitors in a new experience, as befitting client goals to:
- debut the new Lexus global exhibition stand design in China
- launch the new Lexus NX luxury SUV
- showcase the marque’s latest hybrid power technology
- bring experiential substance to the marque’s new ‘Experience Amazing’ tagline


Pico team performed groundbreaking work sourcing materials specified for the booth, many of which are not commonly available in China. The team delivered a modern 1,980 sq. m. interpretation of the classic Japanese courtyard-style building, rendered in pristine white with layers of bamboo strip and Japanese paper adding depth and texture. The booth’s outstanding construction quality further complemented the values of the Lexus brand – inviting visitors to literally ‘Experience Amazing’.

Two fascinating interactive digital installations were at the heart of the whole showcase. The first was a large-scale version of a ‘car configurator’, in which users just tapped the color plate to view the interior and exterior colour combinations of any Lexus model on a big screen. A second, horizontal screen presented a history of the marque. Visitors could slide a sensor across the panel to take a closer look at specific brand milestones. The experience reached its height at the launch and press conference for the new Lexus NX model as well as a sophisticated laser show.


The team’s attention to brand-defining details extended even to specifying the environmentally friendly tableware used at the press conference’s VIP luncheon.


The Lexus NX launch and press conference more than met client expectations by generating:
- 320+ media attendees, including 30 foreign media representatives
- 920+ related articles of Lexus presence at the auto show (ad value RMB 11.5 million) as of 19 April 2017, including 840+ articles specifically on the launch of the Lexus NX; 70+ articles on debut of the ‘Experience Amazing’ tagline