For any company with consumer electronics and technologies to preview, launch or showcase, the annual CES is the one event that cannot be missed. First established in 1967, by its 2018 edition the four-day electronics and tech extravaganza was attracting around 4,000 exhibitors and more than 170,000 attendees from all over the globe.

At CES 2018, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center, Pico created the show presence of several brands through its creativity and long experience with exhibition services to craft impactful solutions to suit.

Highlighting all that is Alibaba – one of the world’s major online retailers – was the aim when Pico created this 400 square metre booth. Staggered and geometric with both open and enclosed spaces, its form alone made for a standout presence. Internally the booth’s ‘Discover Beyond’ theme emphasised Alibaba’s seamless integration into every part of daily life. This was underlined by integrated technologies including Virtual Reality-based activities, Augmented Reality interactive software, LED overhead elements, video walls, multi-touch software and transparent touchscreens. The booth made ‘The Best of CES’ list as EXHIBITOR magazine recognised the 20 most remarkable and impressive exhibits at CES 2018.

A giant in China and increasingly well-known around the globe, the sheer size of Huawei and its scope of products was reflected in this 792 square metre booth designed and built by Pico. Appearing less as a booth and more like an exclusive annex within the venue, its architecture comprised a long, wide central corridor flanked by block-like ‘buildings inside the building’, containing settings designed for interaction with Virtual Reality installations and other products from the brand’s exceptionally diverse portfolio.

HiSilicon Technologies
Occupying an area of 139 square metres, this Pico designed-and-built booth gave HiSilicon – a subsidiary of Huawei – a modern, inviting presence during its third appearance at CES. The design’s mix of clean-lined architecture and residential-like comfort was implying the ease and accessibility of HiSilicon’s cutting-edge communications products. The combination ensured an excellent level of exposure for a company working to expand its share of the US market.

The booth for HTC’s VIVE product line delivered by Pico is a truly unique example of experiential marketing. Visitors were welcomed into a space that combined futurism and gleaming minimalism in an appealingly original way, while providing ample space for pausing, circulating and trying out advanced HTC VIVE products.